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General Terms and conditions

When users or customers use our website and services, they must accept these terms and conditions. We may revise and change these terms in the future at our sole discretion. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

  • We do not allow any users to use our website for illegal activities.
  • We do not allow any user to disable, damage or tamper with our website.
  • All information provided to us must be accurate and personal. Please note that you do not provide us with third-party information.
  • We do not allow any user to access our accounts and systems.

System and Data Security

We always keep our website secure to protect our customers' information. However, we are not responsible for system damage and data loss of a user downloads or downloads materials from our site.

Website Content

All content on our website is our exclusive property. We do not allow any user to copy or reproduce our content without our written permission. This would be a violation of the law.


All disputes and disputes will be governed by the laws of the Government of India. All disputes fall within the jurisdiction of the courts of the Bar Association.